Call a Spokane Tow Truck from Big Jim’s

If you got into an accident, or slid off the road and damaged your vehicle, call Big Jim’s Towing directly instead of waiting for your insurance to get around to hiring a towing company to pick you up. We’ll dispatch to you as quickly as possible and get you pulled out of the ditch and towed to where you need to be. Accidents are never pleasant, even low speed single car accidents. The snow and weather conditions in Spokane, waiting for a tow can become uncomfortable and even dangerous.

Roadside Assistance Option on Your Insurance?

Even if you didn’t get in an accident, or you slid off the road but your vehicle in undamaged, you can still call Big Jim’s Towing For roadside assistance in the Spokane Area. If your insurance has a roadside assistance rider you can submit your receipt for reimbursement from the comfort and safety of your warm living room.

Stay Safe and Warm, be Prepared Spokane

We love Spokane and we’re here for you when you need us. We just ask one small favor, please plan for cold weather by dressing in warm clothes when you hop in your vehicle and keep emergency items in your vehicle these should include:

Remember that your safety is our top priority and we will do everything in our power to help you out when the snow flies and the cold winds blows.

We’re Here 24 hours a day 7 days a week, Even in a Sub Zero Blizzard.

No matter the hour of day, or weather we’re here to help you out when your in need of a tow truck in Spokane, roadside assistance, lockouts, jumpstarts, and emergency tire changes. At Big Jim’s Towing, we love being able to help any member of our community, and be the hero they need, when they need us. So remember Spokane, The local towing leader when the weather goes from bad to worse is Big Jim’s Towing.