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Flatbed towing service in Spokane Wa and surrounding Area

If you need a flat bed towing service in Spokane or surrounding area, call big Jim’s Towing at (509) 998-0017 . For years we’ve been providing the very best flatbed tows services to greater Spokane area at a great price. We believe in providing a fair service at a great price  

Flat Bed tow trucks

Our top-of-the-line state of the art flat bed tow trucks are on call to help with all your towing needs in and around Spokane. To protect you and your vehicle our highly trained and experienced tow truck drivers use the best equipment available.


Advantages of Flat Bed Tow Trucks


There are many advantages to using a flat bed towing service over other types of towing such as hook and chain or wheel lift. First is safety. Flat bed towing is the safest form of towing since your vehicle is lifted off the roadway there is no longer the risk of damage from road conditions. Also, Vehicles of any condition can be transported on a flatbed tow truck, including vehicles that are not running or drivable or have been damaged in an accident. This also makes flatbed towing ideal of vehicles that need mechanical work to items like suspension or body work.

So if you need a Flat Bed Tow Truck in or Around Spokane Washington, Call Big Jim’s Towing for outstanding service at a great price.

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At Big Jim’s Towing, we’re on call to get you and your vehicle safely to your destination. So give us a call at 509-998-0017 when you need tow truck or roadside assistance in Spokane or anywhere in the greater inland northwest. Big Jim’s is proud to offer lockout services and jumpstarts.