Potholes are a Spokane Tradition

Buckle up, Spokane adventurers, as we embark on a bumpy journey through the most infamous Spokane potholes. They’re not just holes in the road; they’re the stuff of legends. In this guide, we’ll tour the top contenders for the title of “Worst Pothole in Spokane” – and trust us, it’s a fiercely contested crown!

The ‘Grand Canyon’ of the North Side

Located on the bustling North Side, there’s a pothole so vast it might just have its own weather system. Drivers have been known to lose small pets in its depths. Remember, if you’re venturing this way, bring a rope and a snack – it might take a while to climb out.

The South Hill ‘Mystery Hole’

Navigating the South Hill area? Watch out for the pothole that’s rumored to be a portal to another dimension. It’s not just a pothole; it’s an adventure. Drivers claim to hear eerie music as they approach. Or is that just their suspension crying for mercy?

Downtown’s ‘Tire-Eater’

In the heart of downtown Spokane lies a pothole so notorious, it’s been named the ‘Tire-Eater.’ It’s the bane of hubcaps and the destroyer of alignments. Local tire shops might just owe their business to this gaping maw in the asphalt.

The West Side’s ‘Wheel Wobbler’

Over on the West Side, there’s a pothole so cunning it’s been nicknamed the ‘Wheel Wobbler.’ This crafty crater has a habit of playing hide-and-seek with unsuspecting drivers, especially after a rainstorm when it’s cleverly disguised as a harmless puddle.

Tips for Surviving Spokane’s Pothole Season

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses a Tire

While we’ve had some fun exploring Spokane’s most notorious potholes, remember, they’re no laughing matter for your vehicle. We joke, but the city of Spokane’s legendary potholes have recently been ranked 6th worst in the nation. All this despite the fact the hardworking city crews are nonstop filling potholes. It’s up to all of us to do our part. Reporting these road hazards and driving cautiously can help make Spokane’s streets safer and smoother for everyone. Until then, keep your sense of humor handy – it’s the best shock absorber out there!

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